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Basically Life Insurance can be segregated into three. 1st is Medical Card 2nd is 45 Critical Illnesses & Death Benefit 3rd is Saving Plan. A lot of people confusing because too many insurance plan in the market. You may heard about Lady Care, Early Payout for Critical Illnesses etc. All these is the enhancement product from the basic three type of insurance.

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Basically Medical Card it's available for 2 type in the market. It is Standalone Medical Card and as a rider together with  Investment Link Plan. The coverage for a medical card is for admission hospital or cover for the surgical fees and treament for the decease. The payment is paying to hospital.


Previously it is cover up to 36 Critical Illnesses and today is cover up to 45 Critical Ilnesses. However, a lot of people have wrong inception about 45 critical Illnesses and Medical Card Coverage. Medical Card is cover any cases that admission to hospital and 45 CI is covered one lump sum payout once attack by one of the 45 CI. The " On hand money" we can use it as we like.



Usually death benefit is together with Total Permanent Disability. A lot of people don't understand between Accident Death and Death Benefit (basic sum assure). Death benefit payout one lump sum once as long as the person pass away including committed suicide. However, Accident Death only cover death due to the accident case.



The saving plan purpose is for long term saving and creat the money for the use of children education and retirement. Saving is about method, consistent, accumulate wealth in the future. It's not about get rich fast.

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